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matt rizzo - electric guitars (lead guitar)

Matt Rizzo Bio Being home schooled almost all of his younger years Matt began listening to a lot of music. One band took him by storm and became one of his favorites, it is KISS, yes the band. And Ace Frehley became of his all time favorite lead guitarist. While Matt enjoys listening to all types of music, he tends to gravitate to Metal Music, all along keeping Classic Rock a close second. Matt has come back to BOH, while taking a four year break. Some of that break wasn't because of his choice.

He has an amazing story of being at the brink of death due to a serious car accident that happened in late 2010. His comeback to BOH was "needed", he says, to see BOH through, because he felt he still had something to contribute to the band and its listeners (the fans).

Catch more of his "brink of death" story at Matt's story. At the moment he's busy getting his chops busy for the up-coming 12 song CD project BOH has been working on. He will be an awesome addition to the musical make-up as BOH continues the project. Matt is thoroughly excited about being back in the band and can't wait to begin laying down the riffs that he is known for. More on Him to come. . .


Favorite Bands: System of the Down, KISS, Alice in Chains, Alter Bridge, Everything. . .

Favorite Movies:

Favorite Sports Teams: WWF

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Favorite Hobbies: The Bible, Politics, Music, Music, and Music

Best Decision: Still thinking about it. . .

Music Influences: Everything

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Music Influences: TBA

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